Handmade Folding Easels for Plates Plaques Frames - Choose Your Size

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Handmade Folding Easels for Plates Plaques Frames - Choose Your Size

DISPLAY: Plates, Plaques, Frames, and other flat items


    • Handmade Hinged Easels, Made in the U.S.A.
    • Each easel will hold one plate, plaque, frame, etc.
    • Easels are made from crystal clear acrylic
    • Orders will Ship the Same Business Day if received by 2pm CST


Adjust the width of the easel as needed to prop up your item. Display your best dinnerware, plates, Saucers, China, and Crystal upon the easel and decorate your home. Picture frames that do not stand properly are easily fixed by placing them on a folding easel. Prop an opened book on the easel for decorative or holiday needs. Here are some other ideas that our customers use our easels for: Porcelain Tiles & Slabs, Belt Buckles, Diplomas, Art Projects, Chalkboard displays, Cookbooks, Tablets, and many other versatile uses. Be mindful of the size of the item you want to display when selecting your easels.



Size  Measurements (Height x Max Width x Depth x Shelf Depth) 
4-inch 4" High x 3-3/4" Wide x 2-3/4" Deep x 1" Shelf
5-inch 5" High x 4-3/4" Wide x 3-3/8" Deep x 1-1/4" Shelf
6-inch 6" High x 5-3/4" Wide x 4" Deep x 1-1/2" Shelf
7.5-inch 7-1/2" High x 6-3/4" Wide x 5" Deep x 1-3/4" Shelf
9-inch 9" High x 8-3/4" Wide x 6" Deep x 2" Shelf
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