Direct Fit Capsule Chart

 OnFireGuy's Coin Sizing Chart for Air-Tite Brand

Direct Fit Coin Capsule Holders



Inside Measurements (Diameter/Depth)

Outside Measurements (Diameter/Depth)

USA Coins Foreign Coins

40.6mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

1oz American Silver Eagles, Commemorative $50 Gold, US Dollars (1794-1839)

 1oz Silver Australian Coins (Kangaroo, Koala, Kookaburra) 1oz Silver Libertad, 1oz Sterling Panda,1oz Silver Fiji Taku, 1oz Silver Britannia (1998-2012)


 39mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

 1oz Silver Rounds, 1oz Copper Rounds, 1oz Silver Buffalo, US Dollars (1794-1839), 1oz Modern Commemoratives, Standard Casino Chips

 1oz Silver Somalian Elephant

 38.1mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

 1oz Silver Dollars (Morgan, Peace, Eisenhower, Liberty, Trade)  1oz Silver Britannias (2013-present), 1oz Silver Maple Leaf, Sterling Maple Leaf, Canadian Bald Eagle, and Canadian Maple Leaf Crystal Raindrop, $5 Canadian Wildlife Series Silver, $5 Canadian Birds of Prey Series Silver (Peregrine Falcon), Churchill Dollar

 34mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

 St. Gaudens $20 Gold  1/2oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1/2oz $1 Silver Wolf

 32.7mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

 1oz Gold Coins (Buffalo and Eagle), 1/2oz Liberty Dollar, 1oz $100 Platinum Eagle, 1/2oz Silver Round, US Half Dollar (1794-1836)  1oz Gold Krugerrand, 1oz Gold Brittania, 1oz Gold Sovereign, 1/4oz Silver Libertad, 1oz Gold Panda, 30 gram Gold Panda

 27mm x 3.17mm

44.45mm x 5.4mm

 1/2oz $25 American Gold Eagle, $10 Gold Liberty Dollar, 1/2oz $50 Platinum Eagle, Large Cent Chain, Large Cent Cornet (1837-1857), Quarters (1796-1828)  1/2oz Gold Krugerrand, 1/4oz Silver Libertad, 1/2oz Gold Panda, 1/2oz Gold Brittania, 1/2oz Gold Sovereign, 1/2oz Silver Britannia

 30.6mm x 2.03mm

36.5mm x 5.1mm

 US Half Dollars (1837-present)  1oz Platinum Maple Leaf

 26.49mm x 1.57mm

30.93mm x 4.9mm

 US Presidential Dollars, Susan B. Anthony Dollar, Sacagawea Dollar, First Spouse Gold, Large Cent Chain, Large Cent Wreath  Canadian One Dollar (1988-present) $1 Loon, Barbados 1 Dollar, (1988-2008)

 24.31mm x 1.57mm

30.93mm x 4.9mm

 US Quarters (1828-present)  Austrailian Schilling, British 1 Schilling,  Barbados 25 Cent (1973-2007)

 22mm x 30.93mm

1.57mm x 4.9mm

 1/4oz $10 American Gold Eagle, 1/4oz $25 Platinum Eagle, Half Cent Liberty Cap (1793), 20 Cent Piece (1875-1878) $4 Gold Stella  1/4oz Silver Britannia, 1/4oz Gold Panda, 1/4oz Gold Sovereign, 1/4oz Gold Philharmonic, 10 Peso Gold

 21.2mm x 30.93mm

1.57mm x 4.9mm

 US Nickels, Buffalo and Jefferson Nickels  Canadian 5 Cent (1922-present), Bahama 5 Cent, Euro 5 Cent

 19mm x 1.57mm

30.93m x 4.9mm

 US Penny / Cent (1858-present), Bust Dime (1796-1828), Gold $2 1/2oz Capped Head to Left (1829~1834)  1/10oz Sterling Panda, 5 Peso Gold, Australian Six Pence

 17.9mm x 1.57mm

30.93mm x 4.9mm

 US Dimes (1829-present), Gold $2 1/2oz (1840-1929) Nickel Three Cent  1/10oz Gold Panda, Russian 10 Kopeks, German 5 Reichspfennig

 16.5mm x 1.57mm

30.93mm x 4.9mm

 1/10oz Gold Eagle, 1/10oz $10 Platinum Eagle, Half Dime (1794-1805)  1/10oz Gold Krugerrand, 1/10oz Gold  Libertad, 1/10oz Silver and Gold Brittania, 1/10oz Gold Koala, 1/20oz Silver Maple Leaf, 1/20oz Silver Libertad

 47.62mm x 3.96mm

53.79mm x 7.2mm

 2oz  Silver Round, Medallion,  Token  Medallion, Token

44.45mm x 3.96mm

53.79mm x 7.2mm

1.75" Military Challenge Coins 1oz Silver Lunar Series 2

43.6mm x 3.96mm

53.79mm x 7.2mm

$10 Casino Silver Strikes  

47.12mm x 3.96mm

53.79mm x 7.2mm

2oz Silver Rounds (you must measure your coins)  

 62.99mm x 5.48mm

71.37mm x 8.9mm

 Less Common 5oz Rounds  

 64.99mm x 5.48mm

71.37mm x 8.9mm

 5oz Silver Rounds  5oz Silver Libertad, 5oz Silver Fiji Taku

76.81mm x 3.84mm

82.9mm x 7.3mm

5oz America the Beautiful Quarter, 5oz Silver Rounds  

 76.81mm x 7.26mm

82.9mm x 10.5mm

 10oz Silver Rounds  10oz Silver Lunar (Series 1)



 29.41mm x 50.8mm x 2.49mm

34.46mm x 55.8mm x 5.7mm

 1oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar, 1oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar, 1 Troy Ounce Siver Bar with rounded corners  



 36.34mm x 61.41mm x 7.91mm

42.13mm x 67.10mm x 10.72mm

 5oz SilverTowne's Art Bar, 5oz Scottsdale, 5oz Silvertowne Standard Bar, 5oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar fits but is thicker and narrower (may rattle)  



 90mm x 52mm x 6.8mm

95.5mm x 57.1mm x 10.1mm

 10oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bar, 10oz Scottsdale Reserve, 10oz Apmex Silver Bar, 10oz Englehard Prospector, 10oz Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar, 10oz NTR Silver Bar, 10oz A-Mark Bars, and 10oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar with a little rattle  

 This sizing chart features some of the best known coins in the US and from foreign countries. See notes on specific capsules regarding fit and general relevant advice below. We would be happy to hear from you if you have a suggestion for our chart. Thanks!