Air-Tite 32.7mm Velour Ring Coin Capsules for 1oz Gold Eagles

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Air-Tite 32.7mm Velour Ring Coin Capsules for 1oz Gold Eagles

COINS THAT FIT: 1oz Gold Eagles


    • Measurements: Inside Diameter 32.7mm x Depth 2.92mm, Outside Diameter 51.59mm x 5.7mm
    • The rings will NOT stretch like the Black and White rings do. 
    • Genuine Air-Tite Holder Brand Capsules
    • Rings are placed inside the capsule
    • Capsules are shipped Un-Assembled between layers of foam 


Protect your investment with the best coin capsules on the market. Air-Tite capsules snap together firmly to form a tight seal enclosing the ring and securing your coin for long term storage.

Capsules are PVC free, archival safe, and are made from an acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent. This process results in a product that is hard, crystal clear, and smooth to the touch. The rings are made from a chipboard material with a velour coating. These rings provide an extra barrier against air contamination, secures the coin in the holder, and provides and attractive border. The rings will not stretch to accommodate foreign coins that may have an odd diameter.

Our capsules are securely hand-packaged, un-assembled, within layers of foam to protect them during shipment. The rings are placed into the bottom halves of the capsules for quick use, excluding the 250 Pack quantities. Packs of 250 sell as a full case of capsules with the rings on the side.

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